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We have developed a reasonably structured faculty team, with each member rich in innovative ideas. Currently, the team contains about 130 full-time teachers.Title of Senior Professional Post 55%, Teachers with doctorate take 88% , Young Teachers 70%.

 1 Academician’s Workshop
 1 Double Employed Academician
 4 National Leading Talents
 2 National Young Talents
 1 Leading Talent of the Ministry of Education of China
 1 National Model Teacher

   1 Key Field Innovation Team of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China
 1 Innovation Team of Sanqin Scholars (Ranking National First-class) of Shaanxi Province
 1 Key Science and Technology Innovation Team of Shaanxi Province
 4 Teaching Teams of Shaanxi Province
 2 Experts with Outstanding Contributions of Shaanxi Province
 1 Winner of the Young University Teacher Award of the Ministry of Education of China
 2 Famous Teachers of Shaanxi Province
 1 Teacher Ethics Modal of Shaanxi Province
 1 Teacher Ethics Pacesetter of Shaanxi Province
 1 May Day Female Modal of the Education System of Shaanxi Province

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