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Our school conducts scientific research on fundamental physics problems in the field of electronic information. The research directions include the following:
 Modern Quantum Physics (including quantum communication, quantum cryptography, quantum computing and measurement)
 Theoretical Physics (including particle physics, mathematical physics, statistical physics)
 Electromagnetic Physics (including radio physics, plasma physics, situational awareness of electric wave environment)
 Information Photonics (including new optical imaging, light transmission and scattering, molecular spectroscopy and applications, infrared physics, micro-nano optics)
 Condensed Matter Physics (including functional material physics, atomic and molecular physics)
 Multi-Physical Field Calculation and Analysis (including computational electromagnetism, computational mechanics, computational heat, infrared, optics, sound)
We have following research platforms, including the Radio Wave Environmental Monitoring Network of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of China — Xi’an Observation Station, National Science and Technology Innovation Base for Introducing Talents in Photoelectric Information Perception in Complex Environment  (supported by the Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities, shortened as “111 Program”), Provincial-level Key Laboratory of Radio Physics, Shaanxi Electromagnetic and Infrared Testing Technology Application and Innovation Center, Xi’an Urban Photoelectric Detection and Intelligent Perception Technology Key Laboratory, and Shaanxi Provincial Physics Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center.
In recent years, we have focused on promoting breakthroughs in basic research and applied basic research. The research has been closely related to the basic physics problems in information technology. Fruitful achievements have been made in the fields of complex environment objectives and photoelectric scattering and imaging, electromagnetic calculation of complex medium, electromagnetic wave regulation, structural beam transmission, super-resolution optical microscopy, photoelectric perception and spectrum target detection, infrared industry software development, new ultrafast fiber laser and micro-nano photonics, and design of new functional materials and semiconductor devices, etc. We have undertaken more than 400 scientific research projects supported by the National Key Research Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)’s Key Program, Programs of Joint Funds, Special Fund for Research on National Major Research Instruments, Science Fund for Creative Research Groups, Excellent Young Scientists Fund, the basic research strengthening programs of the State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense of China, the "Ten-Thousand Talents" Program (National Special Support Program for High-level Personnel Recruitment of China), and the pre-research fund for national defense science and technology programs. The annual research funding exceeds 40 million yuan. In the past five years, our faculty published over 480 SCI-indexed papers, with about 180 papers published in famed and renowned journals.

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